Ways to Add Color to Apartment Walls

by on March 2nd, 2014
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Apartment walls can be lifeless and depressing, even if they are painted a clean shade of white. The color white can be as dismal as gray, but rented walls do not have to be drab. When it is not possible to paint or paper the walls in a rented home, other options exist. Use these creative and very easy ways to add color to apartment walls, and add vibrancy and design without breaking the lease.

Paper Wallboard that Can Be Leaned Against a Wall

Wallboard provides an ideal way to add color and design to bare colorless apartment walls. Buy a Trupan panel from a home improvement store. This is light fiberboard of medium density, and it is the best option when looking for easy ways to add color to pale apartment walls. Buy a panel of the appropriate size, and paper the sides as well as the front. Prop it in back of a piece of furniture or something else you want to highlight, and enjoy color and design instead of muted, drab apartment walls.

Choose Over-Sized Art for the Largest Wall in Each Room

When looking for ways to add color to apartment walls, add vibrancy and appeal with over-sized art. Hang something colorful and large on the most expansive wall in each room, and use it as a basis for other decorating choices. Select color from the art when making decisions on upholstery, accent pieces and more. Something large and eye-catching will add splashes of color without altering the apartment walls in semi-permanent ways.

Paint Large Stretched Canvases with Acrylic Wall Paint

If the decorating budget does not allow for store-bought art or Trupan panels that have been papered with wall covering, opt for painted stretched canvases. This is something that absolutely anyone can do when trying to add color to apartment walls. Buy extra-large stretched canvases, and paint them with acrylic wall paint in a desired color or colors. Create a grid on a single apartment wall by spacing the painted canvases accordingly. A mural can be created using this method when sections of a scene or design are painted on each piece.

Try these easy ways to add color to apartment walls, and enjoy personalizing each room to make the home feel like your own. Even a rented home can be decorated with unique touches that go far beyond the usual wall hangings and personal effects.

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