Urban Decay’s 15 Year Collection

by on March 7th, 2015
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Urban Decay has done it again. It seems that every few weeks a brand new palette comes out that everyone in the makeup community raves about. This new eye shadow palette is no exception.

Urban Decay is a high end brand of cosmetics that seem to appeal to younger women and teens. They always come out with neat packaging, cool colors, and palette sets that are a steal compared to buying the shadows individually. Their newest product, “the 15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection” is something many women will rush out to buy.

You can find this palette set sat Ulta stores, retailing for $55. This amount might seem high to drugstore makeup buyers, such as myself, but when you consider that you get 15 full size eye shadows, you might think differently. Each and every color is also supposed to be unique to this palette and you cannot buy them separately. For the makeup collector, this might be the biggest draw in picking up this set.

Urban Decay’s last palette, The Naked Palette, was such a big hit that it sold out in most stores almost right away. It was also hard for many people to get it in stock months after its release, so if you want to get a hold of this limited edition set, than you might want to order it as soon as possible.

While the Naked Palette was more neutral, everyday colors, this set seems to have quite a few of brighter colors. These shadows are also more glittery than the Naked set, so if you do not like a lot of sparkle, this set might not be the one for you. Another note, even though these shadows are supposed to be exclusive to this set, it seems that some of the colors are very similar to others in their line, including the Naked palette. If you already own that one, don’t like much glitter, and already own a few pinks, purples, and blues in your collection, then this might be the set to skip out on.

While the packaging is beautiful, it is quite cumbersome and will not be good for travel. It is a box with a plastic lid that comes off to reveal the rectangular shadows. It seems that some of the shadows might be glued in a little crooked as well, which not harming the product, does not look as neat and clean lined as it could. The plastic lid looks almost like a dark metal lid, but it is plastic, but does collect fingerprints. If you want to leave this on your vanity for show, it might be a hassle to keep the lid shiny.

Overall, for those of you who love glitter or Urban Decay in general, than this is probably a well awaited product. For those of us who already have a few bright colors in our collection and want more satin or matte colors, then this is probable a pass.



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