Two Little Santa Hats

by on August 6th, 2010
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It was six am Christmas morning in Asheville, NC when three and four-year-old brother and sister Nicholas and Alexis jumped out of their beds and raced to their parent’s bedroom.

“Merry Christmas!” they yelled in unison as they jumped on the bed in attempt to wake their sleeping parents. Jamie, their mother, buried herself into the covers even more to stay warm. There had been an accumulation of nine inches of snow the night before and from the way the wind was howling outside, she guessed it was still blowing it around pretty hard. So, having her children anxious about opening their present right then didn’t appeal to her senses.

“Your gifts will still be there half an hour from now.” she promised and Alexis frowned in protest.

“No! We don’t to wait!” she whined and shook her mother’s shoulder while Nicholas attempted to wake their father, Ryan.

“They aren’t going to give up, are they?” Jamie mumbled with a sigh.

“Nope.” her husband laughed quietly. “I told you there needed to be a plan B.”

Jamie made a noise then sighed as she allowed two sets of tiny arms pull her to a sitting position. She ran her fingers lazily through her hair before she jerked the blanket off of Ryan.

“Let’s go Daddy.”

“Yeah Daddy! Let’s go!” Alexis squealed as her feet hit the floor and she took off, followed by Nicholas.

Jamie laughed and grabbed their Santa hats they had been given by Santa himself the week before and the video camera.

“This is inhumane.” Ryan grumbled as he and his wife shuffled down the stairs that had tree lights draped around the wooden banister per Nicholas’ suggestion.

Jamie started to giggle as she jabbed Ryan in the side.

“Oh lighten up, Scrooge. They only do this once a year. You can handle it. Hey, guys!” she called and the kids ran over when she held up their hats.

“We forgot about those!” Nicholas laughed as his mother placed his on his head then his sister’s on hers.

“Good thing I remembered them then, huh?” she smiled as the children plopped down in front of the Christmas tree and waited as Ryan readied the camera to his eye.

“Remember what we have to do before we open any presents?”

“Get the cupcake Mommy!” Alexis shrieked as she and Nicholas jumped up and down.

Jamie smiled and stood up to do what she was asked, returning a few minutes later with a single cupcake, a tiny flame from the candle that danced freely and made shadows on the walls.

Alexis started their tradition, followed by Nicholas,

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Jesus! Happy birthday to you.” all four of their voices rang out before Alexis ansd Nicholas blew out the candle.

“NOW can we open presents?” the little boy asked and his mother nodded with a slight chuckle.

Stephanie Corvin, “Two Little Santa Hats,” Associated Content by Yahoo

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