To My Lover (If You Exist)

by on March 7th, 2015
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Im sitting wondering when if possible,
Perhaps I know you now
Ill know you then
Or Ill know you never.
But if ever
Ill love you if the time says when.

But shall you love me ever?
Or will you battle your heart
Over past wounds, that you
You can barely hold it together?

Will your heart need mine to mend those
Or will you love freely
And release the crows?

Will you even love me at all
Or will you be repulsed by the idea
Of you in awe?

Will our love be worth pursuing?
Will we be stupid lovers
Letting a dying love keep ensuing?

Quite possibly
We can love eternally
Internally and externally
Depends on whether or not
You endeavor to start.
And please when you do
Never stop
Because Ill love you with all I got.

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