Tips on Losing Weight from the Center for Obesity Resarch and Education

by on October 26th, 2010
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Researchers at the Temple University Center for Obesity Research and Education (CORE) focus their work and efforts on discovering new and healthy ways for people to lose weight. CORE’s goals are to assist in the prevention and treatment of obesity. Their most recent research has produced some important tips people can follow throughout the year to help meet weight loss goals.

The first tip is to get support. Too many people think they can lose weight on their own. With the technology available to the average person using a computer or smart phone to connect with others involved with a weight loss program or even concerned friends and family members is essential. CORE’s research revealed that college-age women who were invited to a private Facebook page that provided daily text messages with information on eating and exercise lost more weight than those who did not receive such encouragement.

Don’t cheat yourself when it comes to getting sleep. CORE feels it could be affecting people’s ability to lose weight. They’re studying people who sleep less than seven hours a night and feel these people may lose more weight by extending their sleep by one hour.

Change your eating and exercising behavior. CORE studied 300 people and the diets they were trying to follow. Half were put in a low-carb diet and the other half on a low-fat diet. Everyone involved in the study attended support groups to learn about healthy eating and exercising. At the end of the study period both groups had lost nearly the same amount of weight. It was determined that it’s less important which diet people follow and more important they change their behavior.

People interested in losing weight must keep a routine. CORE research revealed that children who got the necessary amount of sleep, watched less television and had dinner with their family were less likely to be obese later in life.

Eating healthy and exercising is something that should involve the entire family. At CORE’s Family Eating Laboratory researchers are working on methods to help entire families develop life-long healthy living habits. It’s important for people to learn strategies that promote proper eating and exercising for their entire family.


Temple University Center for Obesity Research and Education

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