The RINO Lap Dogs

by on December 8th, 2014
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There was a cute little movie made a while back, titled: Stuck on You . It was about a set (pair?) of conjoined fraternal twins who owned a burger joint . They were the cook(s). Yes, it was a comedy.

Behind the grill, the lunch hour rush in full swing, these guys were poetry in indivisible motion, like Fred and Ginger with spatulas . (I’m sure there’s a more contemporary “Dancing With The Stars” comparison to be made here – that more folks would be likely to get – but I’ve never seen DWTS, so I can’t make it .) Suffice it to say, they were a movie-magic illustration of the unified whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

But when their interests diverged, it got ugly. And by ugly, of course, I mean hilarious.

Their desire to pursue conflicting individual dreams, while so inexorably attached to one another, led to the most entertaining fist-fight ever recorded on film. I won’t give you the blow-by-blow; just believe me when I say it is fall- out – of- the- recliner funny.

That fight – and those incompatible desires – led in turn to the pair exercising the “nuclear option” in their forced relationship: They submitted to ” The Operation ” that would separate them forever , with no guarantee of mutual survival .

Blah, blah, bark, woof … they all lived happily ever after (after a few equally hilarious slapstick adjustments, that is) .

No, this is not a movie review; it is rather an analogy , after a fashion , for the political situation we Republicans presently find ourselves in. The humor categorically does not apply , most assuredly , but the basic premise of the movie’s plot is somewhat analogous , at least in my view , as follows:

It’s time we real conservatives finally separated ourselves from those in the Republican Party who are helping to tear – down the American Democratic Republic and replace it with an oligarchy of, by and for the progressive Washington insider elite ; a project, by the way, that is beyond “shovel ready” … it’s fully half-done , as we speak .

This latest skirmish in the budget battle – the so-called “Debt Ceiling Debate” – wa s the perfect case in point. There was no real debate at all ; it was essentially just the long-entrenched RINO Republicans yelping loudly a few times for the cameras before obediently rolling over and wetting themselves, as they always do .

What part of ” majority” do these gutless, whimpering curs not understand ? Sure, the libs still have the Senate and the Whitehouse, but that’s just tactical and temporary … I ‘m talking in the strategic sense here . America is overwhelmingly conservative, as has been demonstrated time and time again when strong , clear conservative values and principles were genuinely introduced into the political discourse. The vast majority of Americans would have fully supported (and many actually have welcomed) a government shut-down to make real and true progress in that ” debate. ” But the obsequious RINO s caved right on cue, just as we all knew they would. Cripes, how could they not have interpreted , and eagerly embraced, the crystal -clear message of 2010?

The Congressional Republicans elected in that landslide – for the most part – did do their best to stick up for America, and are to be lauded for that effort. But they are too new and too few yet ; they simply haven’t , by themselves, the political muscle required to swing the pendulum all the way to the right , which is where it needs to be to stop the clock that is counting down to our demise .

We need to get “The Operation,” America . Cut all these worthless RINO s loose and replace them with men and women of integrity and courage ; staunch defenders of Original Intent . Yes, there will undoubtedly be some knockabout adjustments along that path – and maybe even a little separation anxiety – but if we don’ t do it the very next chance we get , our America , as we (should) know it , will al most certainly cease to exist.

It’s time for the “nuclear option,” without regard to what may become of the RINOs … their dreams of licking up the tiny crumbs of power let fall by their Progressive Masters and thereby protecting their status as part of the Washington elite cabal are no longer compatible with our dreams of freedom and prosperity for all.

That clock is ticking.

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