The American Dream Dead? Only If America Falls

by on March 7th, 2015
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The recession has created record unemploment, making it hard for people to take care of their families, keep their houses, and focus on anything beyond simple survival. Does this mean the American Dream is over? Does this mean that there will be no ‘rags to riches” stories?

The answer is no. There will always be an American Dream as long as there’s a America. People can still start their own businesses, which can eventually lead to becoming the next American success story. Hard work still means something. Ideas mean more. Think about it. A few years ago, the idea of creating programs for a cellphone was unheard of. Yet companies, such as ClickGamer Technologies (creator of Angry Birds), have come out of nowhere to be successful simply by creating small, simple programs that can be played on cellphones.

The idea of a free website that connected people to one another was unheard of not that long ago. Yet not only is Facebook thriving, it is still highly profitable and yet very much free. Not only has Facebook been profitable, but companies, like Zynga, have become wealthy simply by making free applications for Facebook. Even the idea of people creating frequent updates to their every day life seemed unlikely. Yet not only is Twitter doing well, but it has become a must for anyone who wishes to put their name out there. It’s a necessity for people who either want to become, or want to stay, celebrities.

So while the task may be more difficult than ever, the American Dream can still come true. It still requires imagination and hard work, but the Dream is still alive as long as there are people who wish to dream.

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