The 10 Sexiest Celebrity Feet in August 2011: Yoga’s Benefits!

by on November 15th, 2014
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August was a hot month for some, a wet month for others, and earthquakes were to be had by all. These are the celebrity ladies who managed to stay sexy on their feet!

10. Brooke Hogan: Brook Hogan is not my cup of tea in terms of attractive celebrity. If you look at the stock from wince she comes you can see a not so sexy future, but in August of 2011 she was on the naughty radar after posing nude for an artsy photo. This gave a jump to searches for the photo and likewise her bare feet. (up until then many probably had forgotten she existed!) It gave a jump to her creepy level to some though as well, with her revealing the photo side by side with her father Hulk Hogan.

9. Stacey Kiebler: This wrestler and model has always had a following of foot boys, but celebrities have to stay relevant as part of their job, else some other sweetie who paints her toes might walk over her. Stacey was linked to George Clooney in August as a potential romantic fling and some new pictures in which her feet were visible made the Internet rounds.

8. Lindsey Lohan: Lindsey Lohan is always in the news for something and it is never good. This means she poses for a lot of photos though and gives foot fans a lot of chances to check out her lower extremities. In august Lindsey was amongst those who got wet as she went barefoot and surfing for the celebrity obsessed shutterbugs.

7. Snooki: This “Jersey Shore” star has not been one associated with beauty too often. She is a short and sort of hefty girl that “South Park” went so far as to make a troll out of. However, in august she started showing off her weight loss and on the Jimmy Fallon show she played a game of slipper golf. Foot fetish fans may all became Jimmy fans as he has actresses kicking off their shoes. Snooki flung off her slipper and briefly showed her bare feet underneath. She realized the floor was dirty and actually hiked her foot to hold it and check and inspect the sole for dirt.

6. Selena Gomez: Selena Gomez has been the most consistent foot adored celebrity in 2011 thus far! This young singer/ actress put on her fancy toe showing shoes for the Teen Choice awards and the style police were not the only ones ogling the results.

5. Ritz Cracker Commercial Lady: Well, I failed to do my research on this one and get the actresses name, however, a quick Google or Youtube search will land you on the video quickly. A commercial shot for Ritz crackers has a woman taking off her shoes and getting on the bus. Once on the bus the crackers have her in such a state of bliss that she just props her bare feet up on some strangers lap and the camera shows off those soles and toes! I’m not sure if it sold many crackers, but foot fans were sold on the commercial itself.

4. T-Mobile Billboard Lady: Once again I am not 100% certain of the model involved, but a T-mobile cellphone ad caused a stir. I would think the Ritz Cracker commercial would have been more popular, but I feel like the bus stop billboard gained more discussion when it was discovered. From what I understand the billboard was at bus stops in the United Kingdom. The picture featured a woman using her phone to take pictures of her toes and the caption stated about how unfortunate it was for her friends that she had such fast Internet speed. Of course foot fans came to her support to say how lucky she was.

3. Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian is right up there with Pamela Anderson in the foot fetish celebrity hall of fame. A mainstay for foot fans thanks to her career really just being herself and showing said product off for photos. In August she got married and her foot baring sex tape got popular all over again.

2. Kristina Baskett: Television commercials are getting with the foot fetish times! Kristina Baskett is the name of a woman who appears in a commercial for the Casio G’zone. She is having a very intense, sweaty yoga workout and her feet become the center of focus for many shots. Hot!

1. Jenny McCarthy: Jenny McCarthy runs away with the sexy celebrity prize ala the numero uno spot for August 2011. She not only had a short film featuring herself getting a foot massage over on the website for Royal Caribbean, but also had a bunch of yoga photos circling the net they showed loots of foot poses. Many were commenting that she was staying hot with age, still having the feet of a twenty year old.

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