Terrell Owens in Financial Ruin

by on June 21st, 2011
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Needless to say the last few months have been rough for Owens. He injured his ACL which no doubt made it even harder for the aging free agent to find a team, especially since his reputation alone makes most teams hesitant to sign him. Then there’s his overdose, which lead to rumors of a suicide attempt-which would not be the first time that Owens overdosing has led to this type of speculation.

Now, the Owens is in legal trouble. It seems as though he’s spent all of the millions he’s earned from playing football and his reality show. He can’t afford to pay his child support, which is a lot considering Owens has four different baby mommas. Owens said that his current monthly income is $0 and that his home in Georgia is under foreclosure.

Owens is famous-and to some infamous-for being a train wreck waiting to happen. But in the past he’s always made up for it with his on the field performance. This time however, Owens will need more than a 1,000 yard season to make his problems go away.

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