Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Worst Songs of the 90’s

by on November 15th, 2014
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Picking the ten worst songs of the 90’s just wasn’t an easy decision. Let’s face it; the 90’s had a lot of bad songs. While the 90’s was also full of great tunes, some very strange music came over the airways. Rolling Stone asked their readers to participate in a poll and the results are in.

10. 4 Non Blondes, “What’s Up,” even Linda Perry, the lead singer hated the song when she heard the finished product.

9. Right Said Fred, “I’m Too Sexy,” this song was created to poke fun at the supermodels of that decade, but it stuck in your head all day long if you heard it on the radio.

8. Baha Men, “Who Let the Dogs Out,” while it came out in the summer of 2000, it was produced in 1999. Enough said about this song. 7. Celine Dion, “My Heart Will Go On,” while many may disagree with this song being one of the worse, after all it played as the “Titanic” dipped it’s passengers into the water, but it made it to the list. 6. Hanson “MMM Bop, “why this song made the list, well it is pretty self-explanatory!

5. Chumbawamba, “Tubthumping,” these were the people that urged their fans to “steal their album,” but it wasn’t worth the risk!

4. Vanilla Ice, “Ice Ice Baby,” you were waiting for this song to show up as soon as you heard the title of the list!

3. Billy Ray Cyrus, “Achy Breaky Heart,” another song that came to mind when you heard 90’s and worst songs in the same sentence!

2. Los Del Rio, “Marcarena,” no wedding was complete during this decade with a little “Marcarena” on the dance floor.

1. Aqua, “Barbie Girl,” as Rolling Stone calls this, “an incredibly polarizing song. The video was offensive to many as the woman was a man’s plastic doll with the doll begging the man with the lyrics of “undress me everywhere.” Mattel filed a lawsuit over the use of “Barbie’s” name.

While these songs pretty much hit the mark of “worst songs of the 90’s, for sure other’s come to mind that should have made this list.

Reference: Rolling Stone

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