Review of Sam’s Club Italian Cream Cake

by on March 7th, 2015
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Since I really like Sam’s club fresh bakery, with their assortment of cakes, muffins, pies, and cookies, I decided to purchase the recommended Italian cream cake. This dessert sells out very quickly, probably because it is so decadent and affordable. Not to mention, this makes a nice holiday treat for many. Considering this cake was recommended to me from a relative, I purchased it and decided to write a product review and share my impressions.

The cake is packaged in a large three pound and 14 ounce square-shaped box. Plenty enough to serve many guests and that’s exactly what I chose to do. Their impressions were the same as mine, a light, fluffy, and moist cake, with a slight lemon flavor. This dessert comes complete with two layers of creamy cream cheese frosting, toasted coconuts bits around the edges, and walnuts embedded in the cake. The cake decorators finished it off with many floral swirls of cream cheese. I served this to five guests, who had two servings each. I still had some left over to serve the following day. At $15.00 for the entire cake, I can only guess that a serving size costs only about a dollar or so. A great price! I would definitely purchase and serve this again, providing that I have family, or friends to share this with again.

Some of the other cakes this bakery offers include lemon crunch cake, angel food cake, triple chocolate cake, and sliced pound cake. I would rate this Italian cream dessert cake three and a half stars out of five stars. Their triple chocolate cake is my favorite, however, this Italian cake comes in a close second.

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