Reflection of the Seen and Unseen

by on January 8th, 2011
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To stand before a honest reflection;
Completely raw and true to form;
I remind myself that this was an original creation;
The package made of different layers can tell a phenomenal story;
All open for the world to see, and a daily reminder of my past, present and future;

The moment I open my eyes, I gaze upon the visible wound under my right eye where the battle with a closed fist left its stamp;
A constant fixture that could not only imposed on beauty, but scar the soul;
To even the flaw, are several beauty marks to remind me of my innocence, pureness and youth;

The refection gets bigger as the sight of a bosom that shows voluptuousness, envied by many however camouflaged daily;
The soft roundness of my middle reminds me of my constant obsession; no evidence of childbirth lines as well as the desired tightness of my abdominal walls;

Further down I look onto the reflection with confusion at the full hips and thighs;
Wanting to embrace the strength of the presence of ancestry, but disappointed at the losing battle of hope to work that size 4 dress;

That honest refection shows a creating that cannot be duplicated or replicated;
A look so precious yet often misunderstood by my own self;
Forcing to love what’s given is still a challenge;
But I will make a promise to myself to honor this impeccable beauty and pose no prejudice on God’s love.

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