Poem of Scott

by on June 24th, 2014
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Bird on a wire bird on a tree fighting for first flight momma taught me
Site of wind landing on little twigs ran in the next job for little him
Next stop flying in the wind gust little bird natures song you will learn

Let this song little bird from your friend the sparrow let your ears learn
Go head dad let out your own song if you want me to learn so bad.
Tree i heard you ecco once how bout me i can sound louder than you tree
Dad chirps in i go first little bird i haven’t taught you yet how to make a song sound loud yet

Boom! Boom! the tree sounded through the forest Dad chirped in lalalee chip chip chirp chirp
Mom tuned the branch of the nest and it made a hmmmmm little bird join in chip chirp
Ready said the little bird hope you have a recorder for this one cherp sounding loud and high.
Suddenly all of nature sounded in with a family song of learning and being together trees rocks wind and birds of life sung together

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