Overcoming Obstacles that May Prevent You from Being a Cat Owner

by on August 31st, 2013
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You say you want to own a cat. You want to have a furry little purrfect creature in your home and your life.Yet, there is a reason or reasons from preventing you from allowing one of these lovely creatures from calling you its own. Stop. Rethink that this reason or reasons. Do you realize that there are answers to most problems? All you need to do is find the right solution?

Here are some solutions to some of the normal obstacles that stop people from enjoying their home and their life with a furry, little purrfect friend.

Cat Allergies

Yes, if you have severe cat allergies, this may be a real reason not to own a cat. But do you really have a cat allergy? Have you been diagnosed with this allergy by an allergist? Have you taken the test?

If you know for sure you are allergic, do you understand this allergy? Have you actually talked to your doctor recently about it? Do you realize that most people aren’t actually allergic to the hair of a cat or to cat dander? Most people are allergic to a protein in the cat’s saliva. This means that you may be able to be around cat’s more than you thought. You may even be able to live with one. However, you may want to take some extra steps to have one in your home such as:

Keeping the cat out of your bed and bedroom Washing your hands more frequently Not allowing the cat to lick you Vacuuming more often to pick up loose hair from the cat Having allergy medication on hand, if you need it

Cat Shedding

Some people do not want cats because of the fact that they shed. You can help avoid this issue by taking a few steps.

Get a cat that has short hair. Long hair cats will shed more. Groom the cat daily, just as you do yourself. Vacuum your home regularly. Feed the cat a well balanced diet While you are grooming kitty, look for signs of fleas, red bumps or scratches. If you notice any of these take kitty to the vet.

Cat Litter Box

Many people may decide they don’t want a cat because they don’t want to deal with a litter box. Well, there is no getting around having to clean a litter box, unless you keep the cat outsides and this is not safe. Outside cats can easily get hit by a car or get hurt by other animals. Plus, it really isn’t that hard to take care of a little box. You just need to do the following:

Scoop it out once or twice a day. Clean the boxy thoroughly once a week. Use a scoopable or fine (small) litter. It clumps better. If you have more than one kitty, make sure each has its own box.

Your Spouse Doesn’t Want A Cat

If your spouse or roommate doesn’t want a cat, have him explain why. Try to have an adult conversation over the issue and try to come up with a compromise.


You can teach your cat not to claw your furniture. A stern no and scaring the cat with a newspaper can work wonders. If these tips don’t work, talk to your vet about nail coverings that painlessly go over kitty’s nails to keep kitty from scratching up his home.

See there are solutions to most of the common reasons for not owning a cat. Now are you convinced that you must have one in your house? If so, please visit your local Human Society and save a life of one today.



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