Lady Gaga Born This Way Album Review

by on April 15th, 2014
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Lady Gaga is an artist that seemed to take the world by storm, much like Madonna did in the past. Her single Poker Face was instrumental in making Gaga one of the most popular artists in the world. She now holds many of the top iTunes chart records in addition to having sold millions of albums all around the world. While she was able to garner a significant fan following with her initial single, the theme simply did not appeal to my style of music. In general, I find love themes have a more universal appeal. After going through the collection of music belonging to this artist, I found a track called Brown Eyes. This track alone demonstrates the fact that Gaga has a beautiful singing voice in addition to an ability to compose a wide range of music. To this day, I play the track to friends and co-workers and ask if they can guess who sings the track. Every time I am able to surprise the crowd once they learn that Lady Gaga is responsible for the vocal performance. What I have learned to love most about Gaga is her musical range and wide fan base. Many readers have written to request a review of the newest Lady Gaga album titled Born This Way. This album was provided to me for the purpose of this review and I am happy to answer the calling of the masses at this time. Before reading this review, one should note that I am a fan of this artist. Additionally, I own her tap game on my personal iPad, it provides hours of work-shirking fun on a weekly basis. In fact, I play this game more than I do Angry Birds or any other game on my iPad.

I mention these facts to demonstrate the fact that I had high expectations for this album. Born This Way is the second retail album released by Lady Gaga, it is by far the weaker of the two. There are 17 tracks on this album, most of which have very little replay value. Overall, I enjoyed 11 of the 17 tracks, but I doubt that I would listen to many of these for years to come. In terms of lasting appeal, Hair, You And Iand Fashion Of His Love are the only tracks that will make my iPod from this album. Born This Way scores a 3.1/5, it simply fails to live up to potential.

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