Jonah Hill’s ‘Allen Gregory’ Premiering on Fox

by on March 9th, 2015
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From the creative minds of Jonah Hill, Jarred Paul and Andrew Mogel, Fox’s new animated series Allen Gregory is set to make its television premiere Sunday, Oct. 30. The show spotlights a rich, delusional and especially condescending seven-year-old boy named Allen Gregory DeLongpre – voiced by Jonah Hill (Super Bad, Moneyball).

After being home-schooled all his life, the pretentious Allen Gregory has been hurled into the unknown and the unthinkable: attending public school with his peers. The seemingly brave and optimistic young man has accepted his new role and agrees to embark on this new adventure. While having made outstanding claims that he has “traveled the world” and “written genre-shattering novels and mediated peace talks,” enrolling in public school should not be at all troublesome for the eager lad. However, his peers are quick-to-judge and his outwardly high-class persona classifies him as an easy target.

French Stewart (Third Rock from the Sun) lends his voice to portray Richard – Allen Gregory’s equally ostentatious father who treats his son more like a colleague than a fledgling-adolescent boy; it seems that little Allen Gregory can do no wrong in his father’s eyes. Nat Faxon (The Cleveland Show) portrays the voice of Jeremy – Richard’s life partner. Jeremy brings a vote of reason to the show. However, reason does not have a chance in the self-centered world of the DeLongpres. Jeremy is frequently antagonized by both father and son. Joy Osmanski (Grey’s Anatomy) provides the voice for Julie – Allen Gregory’s adopted Cambodian sister, whom, like the rest of the world, Allen Gregory only sees as an inadequate and helpless human being.

Allen Gregory will join Fox’s animated roster on Sunday nights at 8:30 p.m. – being slotted between The Simpsons and Family Guy.

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