Ideas for Decorating a Bathroom in Aqua and Cream

by on March 7th, 2015
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Aqua and creamy beige are a beautiful color combination when decorating a bath. The aqua provides a relaxing ambiance in the room, and the creamy beige softens the color. Decorating with wall hangings and other embellishments is a breeze, especially when coordinating decor with these colors. From wall color techniques to unique ways to hang bath towels, absolutely any bathroom can look professionally designed. I decorated my friend’s master bath using these ideas and techniques, and she was thrilled with the results.

Begin with a New Coat of Color

Decorating a bathroom in a completely new way calls for a new coat of color. When decorating a bathroom in aqua and cream, consider painting the walls a very light shade of aqua, and bathe the ceiling in a rich shade of cream. Aqua and cream can be combined on walls with rag painting techniques, and with a little practice they can look absolutely beautiful.

When I began decorating my friend’s bathroom in aqua and cream, she requested a rag painting technique. Right after applying a very light shade of aqua I applied cream colored paint. I applied the creamy beige paint very lightly over the wet aqua, and the results were fantastic. The walls looked like marble, and my friend was thrilled with her new and improved bathroom.

Consider Decorating Mirror Frames with Mexican Glass Tiles

Mexican glass tiles are absolutely stunning, and they add a gorgeous touch when decorating an aqua and cream colored bathroom. However, they are quite expensive. Instead of tiling an entire wall, a tub surround, or a backsplash, consider surrounding the bathroom mirror with beautiful iridescent cream and aqua glass tiles.

When decorating my friend’s aqua and cream bathroom, I applied Mexican glass tiles around the frames of her bathroom mirrors. I began by sanding the wood with coarse sandpaper to roughen up the surface. Next, I applied a thin coat of ready-made grout using a notched plastic applicator.

After evenly spacing the aqua and cream Mexican glass tiles on the mirror frames, I waited until the grout set before continuing. After it dried I filled in the spaces with grout using a small putty knife, and I used a damp sponge to wipe away the excess material. Once it was dry I sealed the seams using high-quality grout sealer.

I finished decorating the bathroom by hanging a beautiful over-sized glazed metal flower with aqua and cream accents. It looked like it was made for my friend’s new bathroom. I also chose a tree-style wooden coat rack instead of towel bars, and I filled it with plush aqua and cream colored bath towels. Our bathroom decorating plans turned out much better than expected, and I plan on decorating her guest bathroom using some of the same creative techniques in the very near future.

Source: Home Decorating and Interior Design Experience

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