How to Scare Your Friends

by on September 26th, 2010
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So you want to scare your friends, without going through too much hassle? Here’s how.

1. Go to Start.
2. Go to computer.
3. Go to your C drive.
4. Go in your “Windows” folder.
5. Go to your “System32″ folder.
6. Inside that folder, look for a “imageres.dll”.
7. Copy – Paste that file to your desktop.
8.Download “Resource Hacker”, which can be found here:
9. Now open the program, make sure you run it as administrator.
10. In Resource Hacker, open the “imageres.dll”.
11. When you’ve opened it, there should be in WAVE folder at the left.
12. There should be 2 other folders within the folder in WAVE. Get to the end until you can’t dig any further.
13. The last folder should be called “1033”. Right click on it and select “Replace resource”.
14. Now replace it with a “wav” sound file. Take a very loud and noisy one. Make sure you don’t remove or move it though, that’ll break it.
15. Under resource type, type WAVE. Under resource name, type 5080. Under resource language, type 1033. Now click replace.
16. Now do File – Save.
17. To make sure it all went allright, you can click on the WAVE folder and do “Play WAVE”.

You’re done!

By following this tutorial, I am not responsible for any damage or harm caused to your computer.

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