How to Say I Love You Without Flowers

by on February 4th, 2015
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You are on your way home when the frightening realization has dawned on you. It’s Valentines Day and you have forgotten to buy a gift! You turn around and scramble your way back to the nearest flower-shop or grocery store to get some flowers. Although, now its getting late, and you can only pick from the left-overs. All of the “good stuff” has been purchased. With this said, it’s another year of apologizing because of last-minute shopping.

It doesn’t have to be this same scenario every Valentines Day. In fact, you don’t even have to buy flowers to say “I love you.” There are many other ways to express your love without having to hand over wilted roses for Valentines Day.

If you plan in advance, you could cook your love’s favorite dish and bring her favorite movie for an unforgettable Valentines Day date. There isn’t any reason to spend a lot of money by going to a fancy restaurant or sharing a theater room with a bunch of strangers. Couples who have children at home can arrange for a baby-sitter in the evening or even a visit at a grandmother, aunt or uncle’s house. Buy the ingredients for the desired dish a few days before the holiday. If you are able to, arrange to leave work earlier. You can request a couple vacation or personal hours if you have them. Set up the dinner table with candles, light music and scatter some rose petals around the surface. After dinner is over, bring your favorite afghan or quilt and cuddle up to some movie time.

Although, if you don’t have the time to set up dinner-don’t begin worrying yet. There is still another alternative. Try writing the old-fashioned handwritten letter. Better yet-write your vows on some pretty paper. You can buy paper with a variety of backgrounds at a scrapbook or craft supply store. Tell your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend why you adore him/her and how you fell in love with them. Be yourself and be honest. For an extra bonus, you can attach the letter to a bag of their favorite candy, a teddy bear or special photo that displays the both of you. There is nothing more special than a handwritten letter from the depths of a person’s heart.

Flowers and roses aren’t always a necessity when it comes to Valentines Day. You don’t even have to buy a gift to express love. Sometimes, just using some creativity and a little bit of imagination can create the best Valentines Day gifts to remember.

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