How to Repair Roof Damage Caused by Hail

by on March 9th, 2015
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It is a common enough problem that it’s a good idea if you know how to repair hail damage to your roof before rather than after the damage is done. The quicker you do something about it, the fewer problems you will have with your roof in the future as a result of hail damage.

Many people are unaware of how to how to repair hail damage to a roof, despite it being a problem faced by most homeowners at one time or another.

Hail is solid, circular and can in size from the equivalent of a pea to a golf ball. Hail, especially the bigger type, can cause serious damage to cars homes and in rare cases people. When it comes to your home, and specifically your roof, knowing how to repair hail damage can save you a lot of money given the expense of calling out a professional tradesman if you aren’t sure what to do yourself.

Before looking at how to repair hail damage, we need to discuss how to go about finding it in the first place. The only way of doing this is to carry out a thorough roof inspection after a hailstorm, obviously bearing in mind the safety aspects of climbing up on your roof.

Check the roof shingles for any signs of damage such as dents as well as the metal vents that can also be damaged by hail. Shingles damaged by hail will have uneven or broken edges, known as ‘dogs’ ears’ in the trade. A hailstorm might also make holes in the shingles of your roof. Leaks are often a tell tale sign of hail damage to a roof. After a hailstorm, you should therefore keep an eye on your ceiling for any signs of leaks.

It’s not safe to go up on the roof straight after a hailstorm, as it will still be slippery, especially if it’s a sloping roof. Once you get up there, there are still a few things to remember about how to repair hail damage to your roof and if you aren’t sure seek the help of a professional.

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