Honoring Veterans

by on August 10th, 2010
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We are free today to believe as we may,

We are able to choose where to live,
Everything we do is in our own way
Perhaps we wouldn’t be so free if…

Young men had not given their all,
And young woman had not sacrificed,
As soldiers willing to stand brave & tall,
Fearlessly fighting enemies coppiced.

The valor and honor to the warrior,
To those fallen and those wounded,
Indebted; praise them as our superior,
And feel the weight of our nations dead.

Our grandfathers, uncles, and our fathers
Fought battles years ago so we could be,
And today our neighbors, sisters, and brothers,
Our young daughters and sons fight to stay free.

Upon their return from gruesome battles,
We are the recipients of the freedoms won,
And they are the recipients of the medals,
Neither medal nor praise suffice for the one.

As a people we must remember our heroes,
We as a country should always be grateful,
Our veteran, the returning soldier, knows…
The great cost that we should never befoul.

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