Guide to Good Gifts for Women

by on March 7th, 2015
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Getting a good gift for a woman depends on how well you listen to her. I listed the Kitchen Aid stand mixer and attachments because those were on my lists a few times. My husband listened and now I have the pro mixer and a few attachments.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers and Attachments

A large stand mixer, providing it is on a person’s wish list, can be a good idea, especially if they like to bake a lot. I did ask for a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for Christmas one year and received it. Of course, my husband prefers to upgrade such gifts to the best ones on the market since he knows I will use them until they burn up.

These can be pricey as well. I have asked for some of the attachments for my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I wouldn’t even mind an extra mixing bowl or paddle to go with mine. I do have the meat grinder. I have used it for grinding nuts down for recipes. Beware, the nuts are ground down to a paste.

Spa Days

Not that I take spa days, but I do know several women who take spa days once a month or every few months because they enjoy them. This would be a great gift for someone who loves them.

The Good Chocolate

If you really feel the need to get the woman in your life some chocolate for Valentine’s Day, spend the extra bucks and buy her the good stuff. Men, the good stuff will make up points you have lost in the past. It will even give you a couple extra for future use. Just remember future use last for no more than 60 days.

Dinner with a Friend

There are times when your girlfriend or wife would just like an hour or two away from the kids and yourself. Giving her a dinner out with her best gal pal to her favorite restaurant would score you as many points as the good chocolate with. You’d be surprised at how happy she will be if you were to take care of the kids and dinner one evening while she had a dinner out.


When it comes to jewelry, pay attention to the kinds she wears. If she doesn’t wear earrings, don’t buy them for her. If she wears metal bracelets, don’t buy bead kinds. Just paying attention will go along way when buying the next piece for the woman in your life.

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