Gadhafi’s Evils and the Motives of the Western Leaders to Remove Him

by on June 24th, 2014
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Gadhafi is known as a bloody terrorist and a dictator ruler who came to power through coup d’etat in 1969. He imprisoned and liquidate any one who criticized him without trials. People are hung publicly in public squares and stadiums and their hanging were broadcasted on TV.

He sent his death squads of revolutionary committees to kill Libyans abroad for just running away from his regime or voicing their opinions against it. He ordered the killing of 1200 political prisoners in prison and sent revolutionary committees to kill the run away Libyans abroad and those who voice their opinion against him. Gadhafi committed international terrorist activities by bombing planes over Lockerbie, Scotland and Niger desert, and also engaging in wars against his neighboring countries.

He supported terrorist groups worldwide and plotting several assassination attempts around the world most especially the Arab world, his record of human rights abuses and the plight of the Libyan people under his brutal regime can not be mentioned. Libyan people are still living under the poverty line despite the richness of the country.

Gadafi backed Idi Amin to fight against Uganda without first getting enough information. He did this because Amin was a “Muslim” and Uganda was a “Muslim country,” where Muslims were being “oppressed” by Christians

Gaddafi pursuit of nuclear weapons , the development of weapon of mass destruction that led to Libya long break in diplomatic relations with the western world

Gaddafi was working on a plan to move much of the African continent to a gold backed Dinar standard and if such a currency is in place across Africa countries, it would cripple the American corporatist state. The US would have to cough up its gold and start producing again if it wanted to buy oil. A global gold backed Dinar reserve standard would be like what the US Dollar enjoy today as the world accepted reserve currency but it was not make possible, this is one of the reasons that led to Gadhafi must go sydrome

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