Five Bad Habits that Can Destroy Your Marriage

by on February 23rd, 2015
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Making your marriage the best it can be takes mindful effort on your part. Not only does it mean going the extra mile to give your partner time and attention, it also means avoiding certain behaviors. Here are 5 bad habits you need to avoid. They could easily cost you your relationship.

-Lack of intimacy. Intimacy can be either on a physical or an emotional level. Either way, refusing to share with your partner in this way can be very detrimental to your relationship. It can be a catalyst for infidelity, and it can also cause an ever-widening gap in the closeness you have with your partner in other areas.

-Disrespect. Disrespect cuts deep into the very heart of a person, and sends a message that is not compatible with a loving relationship. It is fine to disagree with your partner. It is not fine, however, to do so in a derogatory manner. Disrespect can come in different ways. It does not to have to be verbal. Disrespect could simply mean not listening to your partner when he or she is talking. It could also come in the form of being unappreciative of the efforts that your partner goes to in order to make your life better.

-Lying. A good relationship is based on trust. Trust is non-existent in a relationship that is based on lies. The person who is lying is not trusting his or her partner with the truth. The person who is lied to feels betrayed. Lying indicates something is wrong within the core of your relationship. Until that is addressed, the lying is sure to continue.

-Spending behind your partner’s back. It is never a good idea to make purchases without telling your partner…especially if the money is coming from a shared account. Doing so can lead to everything from financial ruin to a sense of betrayal. Be honest and talk about your purchases before you make them. Even more importantly, try and figure out what makes you uncomfortable about telling your partner about your purchases.

-Nagging. Beware of always pointing out what your partner is doing wrong. It can lead to a lot of resentment and bad feelings between the both of you. Instead concentrate on what your partner is doing right, and make a point to compliment the person. This will inspire your partner to do his or her best in all areas.

By becoming more mindful of the above bad habits, you are putting your marriage on a much more successful path.

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