Ever Feel like You’re Going to Explode…?

by on August 7th, 2010
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Alright Eugene- FOCUS!

I reminded myself. This will be on the final… wait, how much detail will be on the final? I squirmed. I need to pass this course! Wait- do I? My mentor/ advisor said… oh- I can’t remember!

“… and that will be on the quiz tomorrow!” boomed the professor.

What was that? Great! There is one question definitely wrong.

“… Fortunately for you pipsqueaks I will make tomorrow’s quiz multiple-choice-“

“YES!” I cheered, a little too loudly.

“Well never mind then- my job as the professor is not to befriend any student, AND MR. IVANNAGRADUATE just ticked me off,” muttered the instructor.

Wait- was he joking? He does technically exhibit a ‘dry’ personality, the nerdy part of my head ranted.

The professor showed a crooked smile as he often did when he was hiding something.

Statistically, what is the probability of him kidding? WAIT! Be quiet brainiac portion of my brain! I yelled at myself.

“And that is the answer to the bonus question…”

Oh no! I am going to fail this quiz for sure and then one thing will lead to another and I WILL BOMB THE COURSE- then I’m going to be stuck working at a fast food restaurant all my life and then I will undoubtedly get a nasty manager who will figure out a way to fire me and then I will end up on the streets living behind a dumpster because even my parents will eventually get tired of me in 30 years and then

Ever had something like this run through your head? Relax- I’ve just graduated after 7 intense years with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology (but an Associate’s of Arts in Education), 2 colleges, 3.5 majors, a few car-accidents, and a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). How did I manage this? In short, “I used what I got…” This mostly included realizing the resources that I had, and then applying that knowledge/ practicality/ limited wisdom of how to properly treat my family and other people to obtain my goals…

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