Entenmann’s Great South Bay Half Marathon 2008-Cookies on the Course

by on March 7th, 2015
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Emily just handed me some water, starting running with me to finish the last 1/4 mile left, and she did beat me to the finish line :)

Part of my training included a 12 mile run for this week, so this race was perfect for training schedule. So today, I just completed Entenmann’s Great South Bay 1/2 Marathon on a beautiful day!

I did it in 2:37:02 and placed 414 out of 423 overall. The race included a 5K and 10K run, and you can opt to change your race if you wanted to.

As my kids enjoyed the Entenmann’s baked goods while they waited for me to finish at a little playground near the starting line, I enjoyed my run through Bay Shore. We started at the Marina, then down some side streets
which were lined with many trees similar to my neighborhood. Main Street was deserted with a few EMT’s and Volunteers handing out water. The road remained flat throughout the race which was a relief compared to the hills of the Cow Harbor 10K that I did a couple weeks ago.

After about an hour and 12 minutes there was a sign with and arrow pointing to the left to finish the 10K or straight ahead to continue on for the ½ marathon. As I past the sign, I said to myself, I hope I am not in last. At the start, there were over 1000 runners and most of them opting to the 5 or 10K, so there were plenty of people behind me. I look back behind me about 5 minutes passing the sign, and there was no one chasing me. Well if
I am last, that’s ok, so I focused my attention to the runner in front of me. I was getting closer and closer, and then I looked behind me again, and in the distance I saw someone trudging along. In this race there is a turn
around, so as made the turn and headed back to the finish line at the Marina, I cheered on the racers running in the opposite direction. It was great to see their determination!

While the amplified excitement that Cow Harbor generated with its community was exhilarating for me. This run was very quiet, just a little to quite for any type of race, but I still had fun and completing this race gave me
more confidence for my race in 4 weeks. This time I was able to see Irene and the kids cheering me on, because they were the only ones there!

My arches are aching and I am having a hard time just walking (more like hobbling). I am really excited to be in the NYC Marathon. I am helping Kids and being healthier everyday!

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