Design Your Own Doily-Placemat Shirt

by on March 7th, 2015
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Give a tired, old collarless shirt some flare by sewing on a placemat or doily collar. If you can cut, and sew you can easily attach doilies, and placemats to any shirt you wish to give it a look unlike any other.

A small doily may be the easiest way to start your shirt project. Bend the doily to fit the collar position. You can leave as much doily showing as you’d like when making your collar. You can leave an opening in the front instead of allowing the two ends of the doily to meet, or you can place the doily all the way around to make a solid collar.

When you have pinned the doily onto the shirt in the position that you want it to show, sew the doily on. Remove the pins. The pins are meant to hold the doily in place until it is sewed. You can apply the same technique to make a collar using a placemat. If the placemat is too big, cut it to size. The leftover piece of placemat can be used to decorate the rest of the shirt, or on other shirts.

For an extra kick, sew doilies on the sleeves, and the shirt body. Wrap a doily around the edge of each sleeve, pin to hold in place, and sew it on for a touch of decoration, or sew doilies throughout the sleeves. Sew doilies around the base, the shirt bottom, of your shirt, or throughout the body of the shirt, front, sides, and back. Apply the same technique to dress up a shirt with placemats. Cut placemats in pieces, or attach whole placemats to the sleeves, and shirt body.

The great thing about doilies and placemats is that they can not only decorate a shirt, but they can also patch holes.

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