Creative Homemade Jewelry Holders

by on October 11th, 2010
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Hiding a large jewelry collection in small containers or drawers may seem functional, but the hard-to-find pieces and tangled items that result are far less than ideal. Use any number of homemade displays to isolate or hang pieces of jewelry to avoid these complications while still looking chic.

Make a very basic jewelry stand with several wooden dowels and a wooden block to serve as your base. Use spray paint and a coat of clear acrylic to color and finalize the dowels and wooden block in whatever color you want your jewelry stand to be. Nail one flat end of a large dowel into the base and stand upright. Turn additional dowels horizontally and nail their centers along the length of the vertical dowel. Space them out evenly depending on how many dowels you use.

Hang a sturdy piece of cork board on your wall, and spray paint it first to match the rest of the room. Hot glue artificial flowers, flat-backed brooches, rhinestones or buttons to the fronts of many thumb tacks (not the flat kinds). Hang one necklace, bracelet or ring directly on each thumb tack, spacing them out as you please across the board.

A tree branch jewelry stand can fit perfectly into a shabby chic decorating scheme or a sharp modern one depending on your choice of coloring as you create it. Make it as large as your jewelry collection demands, and hang everything from necklaces to rings on its branches.

Create an assortment of visually attractive and functional hooks and knobs on your wall to hang jewelry items. Vary your choices between bathroom hooks, small handles and knobs for drawers and even interesting doorknobs for an intriguing collection of sizes and finishes.

Browse home decorating stores for other objects that may be re-purposed as jewelry holders. Authentic or artificial stone busts may be used to hang necklaces. Candelabras designed for wide candles may hold and conceal small items such as rings and earrings.

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