Can You Be Friends with Your Ex ?

by on October 18th, 2010
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Sometimes being friends with your ex can work out, but for most people an ex is just trouble. It’s best just to have a clean break and stop all contact and communication with them. Here are a few reasons being friends with your ex won’t work out.

An ex is an ex for a reason ! Most people who breakup do it for a good purpose. Staying friends with someone who lied, cheated, or hurt you isn’t healthy, that will only lead to further hurt down the road. And why would anybody want to be friends with someone who really hurt them ? Staying friends with your ex could make your future boyfriend jealous. How would you like it if your spouse was still talking to thier ex, not too good right? It isn’t fair to either partner and can stir up those feelings of betrayal and jealousy. Sometimes people use thier ex as a krutch to get over loneliness and depression. They still haven’t found anyone new and really just want somebody to satisfy thier loneliness. That will only lead to trouble and stir up those old familiar feelings. Before you know it you and your ex are stuck in that on again, off again phase. When you stay friends with your ex you’re not allowing yourself to be emotionally available to other people. You still have those old feelings for your ex, and you’re not seeing the great person right in front of your face who’s dying to go out with you. You need time to date other people and make yourself available to other suitors.

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