Bowling in Jackson, TN. Which One to Choose?

by on March 8th, 2015
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Bowling is a good, healthy way to have fun in Jackson, Tennessee. There are currently two venues that offer this favorite past-time. One is the Family Fun Center off the 45 Bypass, the other, Classic Bowl, is on Arlington in Midtown. Each offers a distinctly different environment, and one is sure to suit your needs. However, in my family, the Family Fun Center is the only way to go.

The Family Fun Center is exactly what it claims to be and the reason we prefer this as the go-to for bowling night is primarily my teenage daughter. She hates to bowl, but loves video games, laser tag, skating and go- carts. So when I’m in the mood for a few frames of bowling, she has other options that still leave her close-by and in a family friendly atmosphere. Of course, all these extras cost money, so this is not the most economical choice even though it does offer more entertainment options.

Both venues serve concessions and beer, but the Family Fun Center also has a night club attached. So family-nights aside, this may be the deciding factor. If you’d prefer to have all your entertainment options in one convenient locale, it’s definitely the place to go.

Classic Bowl has a more adult environment and is geared solely toward bowling. Instead of flashing lights and loud music, it offers a distraction free place to bowl a few frames-a great choice if you want to cut out all the other options that your kids are going to beg you to let them do. For that reason, Classic Bowl tends to be the more wallet-friendly choice.

No matter which place you choose, you’re going to want to remember a few obvious things. Number one, always wear socks. You can typically buy a pair of ridiculously priced ones once you get there, but it’s definitely not worth it. Secondly, if you think you might want to play more than one game, decide so in advance and you can get a better deal. Third, the shoe sizes tend to run large at both places. I normally wear a six but for bowling it’s a five. Finally, don’t make the mistake I have made several times, which is to cross the line onto the waxy bowling lane and land right on your butt. It’s very funny if you see it happen but pretty embarrassing if you’re the one who does it.

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