Beauty Affirmations that Work

by on March 7th, 2015
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Negative self-talk is more dangerous than a wrinkle or a few extra pounds. Beauty affirmations work well when you want to reverse a poor self-image, but getting into the habit of using them can be strange at first. Saying a few kind words to yourself can go a long way in building a positive image. Write and repeat beauty affirmations regularly to change your way of thinking. Obsessing over big ears or a gap in your teeth will only make you feel less confident. Change your mind, literally, with beauty affirmations designed to address these perceived physical flaws.

First, identify negative self-talk. You’ll have to be honest and listen to the things you say when talking with friends. Do you agree with others when they talk negatively about themselves? For example, when Susie says, “I hate how big my legs are,” you say, “I know, mine are horrible too.” You may think you are being supportive but that kind of talk isn’t good for you, or Susie.

Next, compile a quick list of the beauty areas you feel challenged in. Perhaps you don’t feel as if you’re the snappiest dresser or you think your eyes are too squinty. Write down your choices for improvement.

Review some of the things you’ve said and rewrite them. For example, if you’ve said, “I hate my big lips. They look crazy.” You need to rewrite that negative talk and say something like, “I have my mother’s lips and I love them!” Think you are too skinny or heavy? Change your thinking and words by saying, “I love the way I look.”

Look in the mirror daily and smile at yourself. Read or recite the positive beauty affirmations you’ve written. If you need inspiration, try one of these:

“I’m beautiful and sexy. I love my curly hair and my legs are my best feature!”

“I’m the perfect size and shape for me! I feel energetic, happy and pretty.”

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