All About Moroccan Aidi Dogs

by on February 25th, 2011
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The Aidi dog breed originated in Sahara Region and had resided in the mountains of Libya, Algeria and Morocco for over 5000 years. It is known for various nicknames like Atlas Shepherd Dog, Atlas Mountain Dog, Atlas Sheepdog and Chien de Montagne de l’ Atlas. Aidi dogs were primarily used as guarding and hunting dogs. They protect the flock of herds, their owners and the properties from wolves, wildcats and other possible predators. Their extraordinary sense of smell makes them perfect candidates for hunting. Aidi and Sloughi make one tremendous pair. The Aidi would track the scent of the prey and then the Sloughi chases and makes the kill. The Aidi breed have been an excellent protectors and hunters but then their fate suddenly changed when Moroccans formed a club that aims to promote and protect this particular breed of dog. Currently, Moroccan Aidi Dogs have become a common house dog and a house pet.


Moroccan Aidis are solid, strong and rugged-looking dogs with well-developed muscles. They have powerful jaw, tapering muzzles, medium-size ears and a nose that comes in either black or brown colour. They have eyes and rims that are both medium-sized and dark in colour. They also have tightly drawn lips and a heavily plumed tail. Their thick, harsh and weather proof coat comes in variety of colours like tawny, red, black and white. Moroccan Aidi’s height ranges from 21-24 inches and their weight is from 50 to 55 pounds.


With ancestors that possess top-notch skill of guarding and hunting, Moroccan Aidi Dogs are undeniably strong, powerful, alert and fearless. They are also highly protective and extremely loyal to their owner and family that they are constantly on the look-out for possible threats and dangers. If they sense an enemy, they are ready to strike out anytime and anywhere without a hint of fear or hesitation just to protect the people, animals or even the things they care about. As such they need a strong and firm hand to train them so as not to get violently aggressive towards other people. This particular breed of dogs is not only good for hunting and guarding, it can also be a wonderful family pet because it is undoubtedly faithful, affectionate, sensitive and gentle most especially when they are socialized and trained at a very young age. Moroccan Aidi Dogs have also a high level of energy and intelligence that they need regular or daily exercise and constant mental stimulation.


Moroccan Aidi Dogs require very minimal grooming. Their thick, coarse coat undergo 2 periods of heavy shedding every year thus brushing at least once a week is needed not only to eliminate dust and dirt but also to distribute evenly the natural oil all over their coat. Then they should be given a thorough bath at least two or three times a year to maintain the quality of their weather-proof coat.


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