50 Cent’s Flashy Concert Gesture

by on December 15th, 2010
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Headliner 50 Cent brought out a guest at tonight’s Bud Light Hotel Concert. Following Lil Jon and Pitbull performances, the rapper decided to bring his a non-singing co-star, Floyd Mayweather Jr. , on stage during his performance. 50 Cent and the boxer are longtime friends. The duo took to the Indianapolis streets earlier today, driving around in a bus advertising Floyd’s upcoming fight in May.

However, Mayweather ‘s behavior on stage was decidedly quirky. Mayweather walked out with a blinged out backpack, which he unzipped to reveal stacks of $100 bills. 50 Cent has been known to flaunt wads of cash before, as he has shared pictures of himself with stacks of money on Twitter. One picture was even with Mayweather in Las Vegas, where the two proudly carried bundles of bills and labeled themselves “The Money Team.”

Though 50 Cent is not a stranger to displaying his wealth, Mayweather’s actions after flashing the cash may have left the audience wanting a percentage. The boxer pretended to start tossing out the cash, before instead turning to throw bills at 50’s feet. After making it rain hundreds, he bent down to pick them up from the ground, put them back in the backpack, zipped it up, and proceeded to leave the stage. The Money Team apparently didn’t feel like sharing the wealth tonight!

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