4 Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom for Fall

by on November 7th, 2014
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Seasonal changes beg for improvements within the home. As fall turns to winter, you may find yourself nesting more in the bedroom. If you bedroom is not cozy or as chic as you would like, give it an upgrade, on a budget.

Faux Headboard: Wall Version

If your bed does not have a headboard and you don’t want to build one you can fake it. If you don’t mind repainting at some point down the road, do this:

1. Paint two vertical lines the width of the bed. For a dramatic effect, stop the lines only a couple of feet from the ceiling. You can use two pieces of painter’s tape for each line and paint between them.
2. Add a horizontal line to the top, creating the look of a frame.
3. Paint the headboard background in a color which compliments the wall color.
4. Stencil in a large pattern or draw freehand images of vines, leaves or an abstract design.

Shed New Light on Moldings

Wall moldings may be too costly irksome to replace, but you can breathe new life into them with metallic paint.

1. Use a wood filler to fix any holes or nicks in the molding.
2. Select a metallic paint which matches existing room hardware and accessories. Or, plan to paint other objects in the metallic of your choice.
3. Paint the molding with a small brush, applying bronze, silver, pewter, copper or gold paint. For a green room use bronze, copper or gold. For a blue room try silver or pewter.
4. For a more subtle effect without the metallic paint, use a glossy paint the same shade as your wall colors for just a hint of shine.

Go Ahead, Take a Seat

Take a seat, a bench or even a storage trunk from another room if you have to. Having seating in your bedroom adds a sense of comfort and luxury.

* A short bench along an empty wall punches up the space.
* Place a horizontal shelving unit under a window. The otherwise unusable space becomes both a storage space and place for kids to sit. Just add some seat cushions.
* Carve out a corner in the room for a comfy chair and ottoman, where you can read or put on your shoes. Place a floor lamp behind the chair for easy access.

Add a Large Focal Point

Give the eyes something to look at besides the bed. One large piece will do the trick.
* Hang a large painting on a lonely wall. You can move one from another room, scour yard sales or paint one yourself.
* Add a large mirror to the room. Opt for one that’s ornate or has a wide frame.
* Create a large mosaic with a grid of paintings. Hang pictures in rows and columns to form a square. Use three rows and three columns, four or even five depending on the wall space. For a cohesive look use the same type or color of frames. For a more artsy feel, use frames with different designs but are are all same dimensions.

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