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Is there a cure for H1N1, swine flu

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There is no cure for the Swine flu as of yet. The best thing to do is protect yourself by staying away from sick people, washing your hands and getting a vaccine when they are available [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-there-a-cure-for-h1n1%2C-swine-flu ]
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Is there a cure for H1N1, swine flu
There is no cure for the Swine flu as of yet. The best thing to do is protect yourself by staying away from sick people, washing your hands and getting a vaccine when they are available
How to Cure H1N1 (Swine Flu)
H1N1 (SWINE FLU) has claimed hundreds of lives all over the world, and is in its peak in India. Though modern medicine has not found a cure or vaccine till date, Baba Ramdev (The Yoga Guru) who heads Patanjali Yog Vigyan Sanstha in India ha...
Is it NECESSARY to drink tamiflu or relenza to CURE H1N1/swine fl...?
You need to realize that all this hype over the SWINE FLU is just that, hype. Just like the SARS or the BIRD FLU, the same people are back at it again trying to extract as much money from people as they can using scare tactics, intimidation...

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Is there a cure for Swine Flu (H1N1)?
Q: My 12 year old sister got it. its been 3 days and he are giving her "Tamiflu". is there an actual vaccine/cure for it yet or is "Tamiflu" the best they got for now??
A: Yes according to this link i read just a little bit ago:http://hubpages.com/hub/How-To-Stop-The-Swine-FluWe're using the prevention/help for our family.sincerely,http://www.bloggerdaddy.ca
Is GlycoMeds' new product "Cold Booster Plus" truly a "cure" for the H1N1 (a.k.a. Swine Flu) virus?
Q: May 1, 2009In a press release yesterday, a cure for Swine Flu virus was announced, manufactured by a small, privately-held company in Arizona called GlycoMeds. The cure, marketed under the name "Cold Booster Plus" is a Glucosamine-based supplement, not a drug, and does not require a prescription, but is claimed to be more effective at treating Type A influenza than any of the other 4 licensed influenza drugs on the market: Amantadine ("Symmantrel"), Rimantadine ("Flumadine"), Oseltamivir ("Tamiflu"), and Zanamivir ("Relenza")See the press release here:http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2009/4/prweb2374054.htmIn that this release was just yesterday, there may not have been sufficient time for the media to truly cover it such that we may be hearing more about it very quickly. But my question is whether this is really a "cure" or something less dramatic-sounding. The supplement "Cold Booster Plus" supposedly kills the Type A influenza virus in 12 hours or less, but does not directly treat the symptoms the way other traditional over-the-counter medications do (i.e. relieve your aching head, control your cough, etc.). But if it kills the virus, that's the main concern such that the body can automatically work on healing itself of the symptoms that originated from the viral infection.In light of how the media is all abuzz right now over the pontential "Swine Flu Pandemic", it would seem that a cure recently found would be getting major coverage. So is it just too soon right now? Or is this new treatment not the real "cure" that scientists are looking for?
A: maybe it is
Are you willing to wait for the H1N1 and swine flu vaccine?
Q: I just heard from the news that their's alot of scams on the web claming promises to prevent or cure the swine flu and H1N1. According to the news, we're suppose to wait for a vaccine.I'm just curious, are you willing to wait when you're already infected or will you risk the chance on getting into one of these scams and hopefully it's not one?Their are some products out there I heard of, but they don't claim and make promises. Will you give those product a chance when you're infected?I'm just curious what most people would have to say about this because if I was infected or dieing, I know for sure I ain't going to wait for some vaccine that nearly killed more people than the actual diease.ahaha, you're rightsame herewhat if you don't know what you're looking at is a scam or not?what if their's no news about it being a scam?would you risk it?yes, you're right, trying to prevent it in the first place is something i think everybody should take seriously
A: no.i'm scared of needles

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