Winter Park Restaurant Review: Pannullo’s Italian Restaurant

by on January 30th, 2015
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What I found nice about Pannullo’s is that they are located in Winter Park on Park Avenue. If you’ve never been to Winter Park, Park Avenue is a ritzy area. There are shops and boutiques aligning the small road. Pannullo’s is one of them. They have a covered patio which is so nice when the weather is behaving, contributing a cool breeze on a sunny day.

The restaurant is decorated in keeping with the Park Avenue charm and you will see customers dressed in their casual wear best when dining out here. The lighting in Pannullo’s creates just the right dining atmosphere for comfort and relaxation. This place is perfect for a lunch between shopping sprees or a special anniversary or other occasion to share with others. You feel like you’re just a bit more classy when you’re dining here. I don’t know if that’s due to the location of Pannullo’s or in conjunction with its dining experience.

The servers were well equipped to handle fine dining and the staff appeared to be competent in the refinement of hospitality. Any refills or requests were met with glad and obliging smiles and positive attitudes. When our meal was finished, our check was brought out with a methodical discretion.

What I enjoyed most was their salad bar because it was packed with crisp, healthy vegetables. For the main entrée, I had the eggplant parmesian. It reminded me of an old world feel, like there were robust Italian ladies in the kitchen cooking everything from scratch. It was a wonderful meal. They make the best cheesecake! From what I hear they make a variety of specialty cheesecake each weekend. It was so good! Some of the menu items I noticed were the Chicken and Veal Marsala, the classic Lasagna and Piccatta. For the wine lovers, they have a variety of wines to choose from to add to the experience of the meal. According to our waiter, Pannullo’s is best known for their variety of tasty, made from scratch meals.

The cost of a meal here is a bit more pricey than you will find in other parts of Orlando or Winter Park. For the amount of food, the price is somewhat reasonable. In upper scale places, they tend to give smaller portions so if you are starving just make sure you are clear on how much food you will be getting. If you are looking to save money, you may not choose Pannullo’s as your first choice but I would definitely classify special occasions as worth the extra budget allotment to be able to dine here.

Overall, I would recommend Pannullo’s Italian Restaurant to both visitors and guests of Winter Park and the surrounding areas in Orlando, Florida. If you’re looking to spend time with friends and family in an upscale dining experience, this is definitely the place. I also recommend walking off your meal by strolling along Park Avenue and observing all it has to offer.

Pannullo’s Italian Restaurant

216 S Park Ave Winter Park, FL 32789

(407) 629-7270

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