Why I Drive Over Fifty Miles to Grocery Shop

by on September 18th, 2010
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The economy continues to struggle throughout the United States, unemployment isn’t getting any better and wages for those who do have jobs aren’t going up, but other things areā€¦like the price of groceries.

I live in a small town and the nearest grocery store is outrageously expensive to get groceries, especially considering that I have a family of seven. So, the next nearest (most inexpensive) grocery store is Wal-Mart and that one is about twenty miles away. But if I really want a good deal on groceries, I go into the city which is over fifty miles away so I can go to Winco.

Here is the thing, yes, I know that it costs gas money to get there. But, if I shop in my own town I will spend $100 there and walk out with a few bags. If I wanted to buy groceries for the whole month, I would easily spend $600.

If I shop at the Wal-Mart in the next nearest town and spend $400 I can get enough stuff to last us two weeks.

At Winco I can spend $400 and get twice as many groceries, giving us enough to last almost through the whole month depending on what groceries I am getting.

If I use coupons and make a list, only getting what is on the list. I save even more money.

This is why I drive over 50 miles to shop. I’m literally saving hundreds of dollars by driving into the city once or twice a month.

I know you’re wondering how in the world I manage to feed seven people (including stuff like diapers and toilet paper) with about $400 a month. So, I’ll share with you.

I make a list and only buy what’s on it. I use coupons. I buy what’s on sale. I don’t buy junk food. Our junk food is limited to my husband’s goodies he wants for his lunches. But things like soda, sweets, chips, ect…we do not purchase. Eat before going into the store, it really helps. At home, I make big huge meals and half them for another meal. Sometimes, if you make just a tad bit more, it will make another complete meal. Don’t eat meat with every meal. My husband thinks that you need to have meat with every meal. But, I defy him and make meatless food sometimes. Not having to pay the horrible prices on meat will lower the grocery bill a lot.

So, those are my tips for you and the answer to why I drive over fifty miles to grocery shop.

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