Why Fantasy Football Sucks

by on October 27th, 2010
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I’m a huge nerd when it comes to fantasy sports. I love to track players and analyze stats. Fantasy baseball is awesome, fantasy hockey is fun, and I’ve even gotten into fantasy lacrosse. But one sport that sucks for fantasy is football. Sorry but it’s true. This is probably odd to hear considering fantasy football is the sport that made fantasy sports so popular today. So why does it suck so much?

Fantasy football frustrates me every year and every year I say that I’m retiring from it but I always seem to somehow get sucked back in. Never again. In fact, I’m making it my New Year’s Resolution to not play fantasy football in 2012. This past week (12/12 – 12/18) epitomized everything that is wrong with fantasy football in my opinion. After finishing in second place in the league I am in (which has been running for something like ten years now or something), I got a bye the first week of the playoffs so last weekend was my first playoff match of the season.

My quarterback was Eli Manning. He was having a great year…until last week when he threw for 257 yards, zero TDs, and three INTs. This is the worst game of his season by far and maybe one of the worst of his career! My best running back, Matt Forte, got injured in the last week of the “regular season” so I had to plug in a backup RB to fill his role last week. Luckily I had Marshawn Lynch who has turned out to be a beast but what luck for Forte to go down when I needed him most, eh?

That bad luck has plagued me all season long considering my first round draft pick was Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans. The guy hasn’t even broken 1,000 yards yet and has fewer touchdowns than I have fingers on one hand. Who could have predicted that?

So while my team was falling apart, my opponent’s team blew up. Tony Romo was his quarterback. 249 yards, three TDs and a rushing TD resulted in one of his highest fantasy point totals of the season. LeSean McCoy broke 100 yards and added three TDs to boot. The 49er’s defense held Pittsburgh to just three points, had four turnovers, and sacked the hobbled Roethlisberger three times. C’mon man!

Even with everything seeming to go my opponent’s way and everything seeming to go against me, it was still close. The ending score was an 82-82 tie. And then I lost based on tiebreakers. Ah, my luck continues!

That’s it. I’m done. Fantasy football is just too much about luck and not enough about knowledge and know-how. The problem with this sport is that players only have one game per week. In hockey and baseball there are games everyday or every other day. You can see who is under-performing and take them out of your lineup. You can ride hot streaks by frequently combing the waiver wire. An injury to a key player or someone having one bad game isn’t going to cripple your team like it does in football. Too many players are just too inconsistent in football. One week Larry Fitzgerald puts up twenty points. The next he puts up just five. Which one will show up this week? Who knows!

Fantasy football is laughable at best.

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