We Will All Rest in Peace

by on August 15th, 2013
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We all find peace. At one point or another we all come to a moment when all is calm.
All is clear. We are able to let go of everything that has ever caused us pain.
All that has brought us to our knees. We no longer feel the scrapes upon them.
We are never alone in this moment. Perhaps that is where the peace lies.
No matter how broken or lost we are we are not alone.
There are no goodbyes in life. There are no goodbyes in death.
Every person we met, every soul we touch, they do not ever leave us.
There is always that trace, a hypothetical residue caused by the presence of another.
There are times people leave but they are missed; there are words left unsaid but they are felt.
Remember you leave imprints on the lines of fate we walk; they are much like spiderwebs.
We all leave pieces of ourselves behind with every step we take.
Nothing just breaks away. Perhaps this realization is were peace lies.
Perhaps peace isn’t entirely peaceful at all.
Perhaps it is about understanding and acknowledging before fate passes by.

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