Valentine’s Day Dance

by on November 18th, 2010
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It was getting closer and closer to Valentine’s Day and David was getting anxious. See, he had just broken up with his girlfriend and desperately needed to find a date for the Valentine’s Day dance. Sadly, things weren’t looking so bright.

He looked everywhere for a date, but it seemed every girl he encountered was either taken or not interested in going to a dance. David was feeling hopeless. He even turned to online dating sites in an attempt to find someone, but to no avail.

But just as he was about to call it quits, David’s buddy Alan called. As luck would have it, Alan was also having relationship problems and looking for a date. While on the phone with Alan, David had a wonderful idea – They could be each others wingman. The surprised Alan gladly accepted David’s proposal. Together they went out of the town to find each other a dancing partner.

Unfortunately for both David and Alan, two heads aren’t always better than one. They just couldn’t seem to find each other someone worth taking to dance. As the day came to a close, David apologized to Alan for dragging him down with him. Alan quickly reassured David that he had a lot of fun, despite not finding each other dates. In that moment they locked eyes, smiled, and came to the conclusion that they would go to the dance together.

They’ve always had feelings for each other, but never really knew how to express them. We live in a very judgmental world after all. But together they found the courage to take on the world. They went to the dance together and had the time of their lives, but they didn’t stop there. The chemistry they had together on the dance floor helped forge their new relationship. They started going everywhere together as a couple who were in love.

The moral of this story is that love can be found in everyone. Don’t let gender keep you from experiencing it.

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