Top Fantasy TV Shows of Fall 2011

by on April 9th, 2015
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Read on for info about and the times of the best fantasy TV shows of the current season. Clicking on the title of the TV show will take you directly to the official site.

Once Upon a Time-Sundays 8PM ET ABC (10/23)

Jennifer Morrison (good in Urban Legends: Final Cut, super annoying on How I Met Your Mother) stars in this fantasy about a a town with a fairy tale element. Ginnifer Goodwin (looking gorgeous here), Robert Carlyle (always amazing) and Lana Parrilla costar. This show looks really fun. The problem is that ABC never gives their fantasy series a shot. I’ve seen so many promising shows that don’t make it out of the first season. It often takes at least 1.5-2 seasons for any show to really find its footing. They also often move the shows around mid-season (sometimes more than once), which creates even more confusion. I’m a fan of Lana Parrilla but she’s been on so many quickly canceled shows (RIP Swingtown/Windfall) that I’m starting to feel bad for her.

American Horror Story-Wednesdays 10PM ET FX (10/05)

American Horror Story is from Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck) and stars Dylan McDermott (who I read in an article may be freqently nude, yum) and Connie Britton. The series is about a family who moves into an old creepy house for a fresh start. It feels very Amityville Horror meets a made for TV Stephen King movie. The visuals look really freaky, ala The Cell. Definitely gonna check this one out.

The Secret Circle-Thursdays 9PM ET CW (09/15)

This is sort of a preppy TV version of The Craft. I will be checking it out to see how they will be using Gale Harold.

A Gifted Man-Fridays 8PM ET CBS (09/23)

Patrick Wilson (Barry Munday, Hard Candy) stars as a doctor who starts seeing a ghost. I’m ambivalent about this one thus far. I will check it out to see what Wilson does with the role.

Grimm-Fridays 9PM ET NBC (10/21)

This one seems to involve fairy tales gone wrong that they need to investigate. So it’s putting me in mind of a serious Special Unit 2. I’m pretty stoked about it even though it seems like the type of show that could easily be canceled as I get very into it.

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