The True Meaning of 666: Time?

by on March 8th, 2011
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No one knows the true significance of the infamous number 666. All we know is that it’s associated with negative events and people in the bible’s Book of Revelation. So, what’s stated below is simply my opinion.

I reject the notion that 666 represents one human being over the course of all human history. If this were true, than it’d be more accurate to say that 666 represents one bloodline or family of human beings. Some believe that the prophecies of revelation have already occurred- thus the bible is outdated and was referring to events that have already passed. However, it’s clear with increasing technology, advertisements and psychological warfare in modern society, that the ‘end times’ could easily be the world we inhabit right now.

Essentially, I have my doubts about the bible’s validity as it seems to have done much more worse than good, but that doesn’t mean the events described in it are bogus- if anything, they’ve been largely misinterpreted by mass amounts of people.

So, 666 for many represents the end of time for all mankind, suggesting death/extinction of the human race. But what if 666 represents something more along the lines of LITERAL time. For example, there are:

60 seconds in 1 minute.

60 minutes in 1 hour.

24 hours in 1 day…

60 (6+0)= 6

60 (6+0)= 6

24 (2+4)= 6

—————– = 666

No, this doesn’t mean time is evil, but rather how we humans spend our time. Most of us live our entire lives by the clock, working eight hour days inside a building, to come home tired, and therefore sleep at night. Most people work five days a week, then get the ‘weekend release.’ Essentially this repeats over and over until we die. And for what? To pay for our homes that we barely spend time in? Most of our time is spent in cars, polluting the earth, and in buildings which in some way or another promote advertising in order for us to buy new stuff (Schools, fast food, you name it- it’s all a form of brainwashing in the end). Essentially, we are paying the government to allow us to work like slaves, since the objects we enjoy so much (television, computer, video games, cars) are all used as either a release from a hard day’s work, or as a way to get us to and from work. We dare not break out of this routine circle of time because we need more ‘stuff’ to sedate us- we need to keep ourselves insulated.

I read somewhere, maybe in Milton’s Paradise Lost, that Adam an Eve would wake up at night in order to receive messages/signs from God via the night sky, and then they’d work in the ‘garden’ until late morning, and therefore sleep during the hottest part of the day (the afternoon/evening). I know, I know, Adam an Eve may not have been actual people. But this is interesting to think about in terms of our sleeping habits today.

As mentioned before, most of us work five days a week to come home, watch TV and sleep. We don’t spend our ‘week-days’ outside at night, because we’re tired and just want to make it to Friday to get that paycheck, which we’ll spend on bills for the house we barely occupy, as well as all the gadgetry and alcohol/drugs that a pretty penny can buy. I know in my youth, weekends were the days to go crazy at night, to feel most alive- but they were also the times when most mistakes were made.

My point here is, why has no one stopped to question why society demands we have ‘weekends’ and ‘week-days’ in general? Yes, the 9-5 institution has been around for quite a long time, but why must our days, which are surely numbered, be dictated to us by a calendar and a clock? Why must we work indoors when instead we could be working outside, making our own food and building our own homes? Essentially, we awake to the sound of birds, and some internal clock tells us it’s time to rise and shine – but why? Who says that this sleep schedule is actually benefiting us? Because everyone else follows it?

As far as money, that obviously goes along with the ticking clock. We work for money, we kill for money, we die for money. Traffic is a result of this money-making urge within us, but what I meant by it in regards to 666, is that all of this ‘work ethic’ has essentially destroyed the earth. Rows and rows of beeping horns coming from machines, operated by robotic creatures called humans, obeying an artificial light coming from another machine. It truly puzzles me that this whole process buys happiness for some people.

Essentially, the end of the world may only be the end of the world for a few individuals- those that live outside of society, who don’t care to follow its rules or play its games. These people will have the most trouble surviving, as anyone brainwashed into thinking these ‘outsiders’ are bad news will surely not provide them refuge. So much for ‘the land of the free and home of the brave.’ More like ‘the land of the slave and home of the bended knee’ (cowardice, bowing down to a system that’s f*cked up).

[ I have my own theories on how there really are spirits out there (or perhaps evil people channeling these spirits), that exist to produce desires in our minds through dreams. I’ll get into this in another article, but it highly goes along with what I’ve said so far about 666 and materialism].

There is no perfect world, but science fiction is becoming reality at a rapid pace. You’re either on the grid or off it- and those who choose the latter will surely be outnumbered. Money, time, and car-pollution aside, we are right now living in a society whose mindset is: “Be like me, or else I’ll kill you.” Truly disturbing.

What are your thoughts?

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