The Top Ten Songs from Disney Movies

by on February 17th, 2011
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The Walt Disney Company is well known for its great family film entertainment. Many of their animated features are among the best movies ever made. But, people tend to underestimate the quality of the excellent music in the movies. Below are the top 10 songs that originated from Disney’s animated features.

Number 10: “The Phony King of England”, from the 1973 movie, “Robin Hood”. Robin and his Merry band of animals sing and dance to a catchy, but insulting tune about the greedy King of England.

Number 9: “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, from the movie, “Toy Story”. This song is a short introduction from the classic movie.

Number 8: “A Whole New World”, from “Aladdin”. Aladdin falls in love with a lovely Arabian princess to this great song.

Number 7: “When You Wish Upon a Star”, from the 1940 classic film, “Pinocchio”. One of Disney’s earliest and best songs, “When you Wish Upon a Star” became the theme song for various Disney shows.

Number 6: “The Bare Necessities”, from the 1967 movie “Jungle Book”. Mowgli and his new friend, Baloo the Bear, sing and dance about the pleasures of relaxation.

Number 5: “I’ll Make a Man out of You”, from the 1998 movie, Mulan. A group of soldiers in the Chinese army are trained by a master warrior.

Number 4: “Be Our Guest”, from the 1991 film, “Beauty and the Beast”. Belle is being held captive in the castle of the Beast and the servants desperately want her to stay and fall in love with him.

Number 3: “Colors of the Wind”, from the 1995 movie, Pocahontas. A beautiful Indian princess teaches John Smith the value of nature through this classic song.

Number 2: “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho”, from the movie, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”. The seven dwarves are working in their diamond mine while singing this classic tune.

Number 1: “The Circle of Life”, from the 1994 movie “The Lion King”. This is perhaps, the best song from a Disney movie. Not only is the music excellent, the video associated with this song portrays the wild animals celebrating the birth of the savannah’s new king.

The above songs are only a small number of the fantastic music in the Disney movies. Some movies have many great tunes. For example, “Jungle Book”, “Snow White” and “Robin Hood” are, for the most part, musicals with a rich collection of high quality songs.

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