The Top 7 Online Universities for Accounting Degrees

by on February 18th, 2011
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Online universities and colleges are becoming more popular every day. Many students choose to study online for an accounting degree because of the convenience of long distance learning. These top seven online universities will teach you the skills and knowledge you need for a rewarding career in accounting.

Grand Canyon University

Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Accounting after completing the 150 credit hour online program at this university. Required courses include accounting information systems, analyzing financial data, corporate taxation, accounting for consolidated entities and fundamentals of managerial and cost accounting. This university also teaches the newest systems and practices of accounting.

Kaplan University

This university offers an Associate of Applied Science in Accounting, a Bachelor of Science in Accounting or a Master of Science in Accounting. This university requires students to complete general education courses, accounting courses and courses in their chosen specialty. The required accounting classes include intermediate accounting, business law, business math, federal tax, academic strategies for the business professional and macroeconomics.

Post University

Students enrolled in online classes at this university can study for an Associate of Science in Accounting or a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree. Coursework for the associate’s degree include costs analysis, tax, financial accounting, information systems and a study of the many types of businesses that require the services of an accountant. Those studying for the bachelor’s degree will learn principles of management, marketing and finance, financial and managerial accounting, macroeconomics and business ethics.

Saint Leo University

This university offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Accounting degree. After completion of the 150 credit hour course, graduates will be prepared to take the Certified Public Accountant or Certified Management Accountant exams. Coursework for this program includes advanced accounting, cost accounting, auditing, federal income taxes, strategic management and accounting information systems.

Stetson University

Students can study online for a major in accounting information systems at this university. The curriculum teaches conventional accounting methods as well as the innovation and development of computer technology and software. Coursework includes finances, management, business organizations, network and e-commerce controls, systems development controls, operating systems controls and computer security.

Strayer University

This university offers students an undergraduate diploma or certificate in accounting, an Associate in Arts in Accounting degree or a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree. Students studying online for a diploma, certificate or a degree will become skilled at the use of accounting software and learn the latest technologies related to their accounting specialty.

Walden University

Students enrolled in online classes at this university will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree after completing 181 credit hours. Coursework includes business, finances, technology and understanding global perspective. After students successfully complete this program, they will be prepared to take the CPA exam.

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