The Sights and Moments of Christmastime

by on August 5th, 2010
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Snow falls from the heavens

In a light mist that softly kisses the ground;

The pasty streets are nearly bare of activity,

Just a few late workers and last-minute shoppers;

Every-other house on the block

Has bold decorations and vibrant lights

Placed carefully with intent of beauty and character;

Outspoken reflections of holiday spirit.

Inside, families enjoy hot comfort foods;

Homemade soups and baked roasts,

With warm apple pie and hot cocoa for dessert.

Parents, children, relatives, and friends

Relax and converse in the family room,

While admiring the kaleidoscopic glow of the Christmas tree;

The luminous fireplace warms the room in the background

While leaving an aura of peace, love, and contentment all around.

Children delightfully skip from room to room,

And chatter about their wishes for Christmas Day;

Adults mingle with wide, genuine smiles,

Mugs of hot cider cupped in their hands,

And voice their hopes of harmony, happiness, and safety

For their loved ones this holiday season.

The most valuable aspect of Christmastime

Is the cheer, bliss, and gratitude

Felt most during this thoughtful and generous time of year.

Have a blessed holiday season,

And let the joy be felt year ’round.

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