The Future of the American Automotive Industry: Improved Posterity with Strategic Planning

by on April 24th, 2013
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In recent years there has been a dark cloud hanging over the American automotive industry. In 2008, the American automotive industry reached its breaking point and had to request aid from the government. The result was a hearty federal bailout of $17.4 million dollars that was provided to keep the automotive industry from falling into bankruptcy. Nearly four years later the automotive industry is showing signs of improvement, but nowhere near its former glory. Here is a look at how the American automotive industry can strengthen and revitalize its infrastructure from the bottom up.

Give the People What they Want

The number one way the American automotive industry can improve their footing in the international market is by manufacturing the type of cars that citizens in North America want to drive. Forget the luxury car, manufacture cars targeted towards the average American. Three major factors that many consumers look for in an automobile are price, reliability, and fuel efficiency. If American automakers focused on creating a reliable car that is fuel-efficient and sold at an affordable price, they could greatly improve their sales figures.

Stay Competitive

Staying competitive in the marketplace is an essential part of any business. The American automotive industry needs to sharpen their competitive edge if they are to survive among other automotive giants such as Japan, Germany and China. It would be beneficial to the American auto industry to produce cars with similar amenities at a lower price tag and higher fuel-efficiency.

Encourage American Citizens to Buy American

One of the biggest ways to revitalize the American automotive industry starts right at home. By encouraging American citizens to support the American automotive industry, there is the potential to boost sales significantly. With the American economy on the rebound, the automotive industry should appeal to the American people. To market American automobiles to U.S. citizens, air television commercials with a patriotic theme. The commercial’s message should be “Support the American auto industry to grow a healthier U.S. economy.” By launching a campaign aimed at the American people, the auto industry could improve its standing in the market.

While the American automotive industry has a formidable task before them, the industry can be restored to its former glory with some strategic planning.

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