The Ancient Astronaut Theory

by on October 4th, 2015
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Ancient astronaut theorists believe extraterrestrials, or ancient astronauts, first came to earth many of thousands of years ago and genetically enhanced humanoid creatures and used them as slaves for their own purposes.

The theory posits these ancient astronauts taught their genetically enhanced race of what are now modern humans about farming, building and how to accurately track and plot the sun, moon, planets and stars.

Ancient astronaut theorists find it hard to believe man went from a primitive hunter-gatherer for thousands of years to suddenly being capable of engineering megalithic structures, giant pyramids, entire cities and of possessing knowledge of agriculture and mathematics.

They believe that the pyramids built worldwide in places like Europe, North Africa, the Middle and Far East and in North and South America, and by so many different cultures, were the result of a universal extraterrestrial integration.

They theorize the creation of these ancient pyramids and megalithic structures, such as Stonehenge, were made by these ancient astronauts. They base this theory on the fact that stones used to build some of these pyramids weigh up to 400 tons.

They also point to the megalithic structures that were built with very large stones weighing thousands (and sometimes reportedly millions) of pounds. How they were cut, transported over many miles and placed into their ultimate positions still cannot be adequately explained.

Ancient astronaut theorists state that many of these ancient sites the world over mirror constellations in the nighttime sky. Most famous for this are the pyramids located in Giza, Egypt which are said to mirror Orion’s Belt as it would have appeared circa 10,000 BCE.

They also believe ancient writings like those in the Bible, Koran, Mahabharata, the Popol Vuh and Sumerian texts detail extraterrestrial encounters and visitations by using descriptions that were available to them with the terms and vocabulary of their time.

Ancient astronaut theorists say that angels and gods were actually extraterrestrials as they are most always described as moving or flying through the air. They also believe that the ancient writings of women being impregnated by gods to create demi-gods or even prophets are actual accounts of ancient astronauts trying to yet again improve our race.

So where have all the extraterrestrials gone to? Ancient astronaut theorists surmise that the sudden disappearance of certain cultures, like the Maya, can be explained in a way that they were ancient astronauts and were just simply ready to leave earth.

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