Thanksgiving Tepee Dessert

by on March 7th, 2015
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You can set a beautiful table for the kids this Thanksgiving, while also serving them a dessert or treat, when you make tepees. They’re super easy to create and, although they’re simplistic, they’re really yummy. With things you might already have, plus a couple of things from the grocery store, you can make the adorable tepees and watch all the kids devour them. Not as messy as some other desserts, and certainly cuter than an ordinary cupcake, the tepees are perfect for this year’s Thanksgiving treat.

Sugar cones – which you normally buy for ice cream – are perfect for making tepees. The sugar cone is the type with a point at one end. When you set the cone upside-down on a plate it looks exactly like a tepee. Place one on each child’s plate. It’s up to you how much you want to embellish the tepees.

You can make a white frosting for the tepees by mixing together two cups of sifted, powdered sugar, a quarter-cup of unsalted butter, and a half-teaspoon of vanilla. It might be necessary to add a bit of milk to thin the frosting. Put a thin layer of the frosting on each tepee, then place them in the fridge for a few minutes to harden.

It’s not absolutely necessary to cover the tepees in the frosting; brown tepees look fine and are much easier if you want a quick treat for the kids. Whether you ice them or not, decorate the tepees with gel frosting. To draw on a door to the tepee, just make an upside-down “v”, and you’ll create the opening. Draw zigzag lines around the cone, or otherwise decorate it with the gel frosting.

Add accents to the tepees by sticking candies and goodies to the cone with frosting. Small, round candies, pieces of cereal, pieces of shoestring licorice, and similar things make great designs on the tepees.

At the very top of the tepee, make a hole with a pointed knife, and put a small blob of frosting on the tepee. Push three toothpicks in to finish the tepee. You can further embellish the overall look by setting candy pumpkins, toasted coconut, and other treats around the bottoms of the tepees.

Each tepee can be identical, or each one can be different, by using various candies, frosting colors, straight or zigzag lines, and assorted combinations. The finished treats are perfect for Thanksgiving and a delicious way to please the kids.
Sugar Cone Tepees

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