Symptoms for Alcoholism and Its Cure

by on September 14th, 2010
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Alcohol rehabilitation is a process by which an alcoholic person can be successfully rehabilitated to his normal life. Alcoholism is a growing problem throughout the world these days. People from age group 14 to 50 are leading in this. This is a productive age group of any country. This is causing many problems in all aspects. The alcoholics suffer from many health problems. Because of their habit, they become unable to work and hence they and their families suffer from economical crisis. This eventually results in the lowered income of the country. Hence, this problem is considered very serious and is given importance.

If a person suffers from any of the following symptoms he is considered as an alcoholic

Inability to limit drinking quantity under the given occasion.

A compulsion or strong urge to drink alcohol.
Body requires quite high quantity of alcohol or strong dosages to get high.
If drinking is stopped; then having symptoms like nausea, shakiness, anxiety and excess sweating. These symptoms are known as alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
Mentality to give anything for the alcohol.

The process of alcohol rehabilitation ensures that the patient leaves his alcohol habit and concentrates on his professional and family life. The rehab process is quite long and it takes around 8 months to complete. Though it is time consuming, it is very effective.
The procedure of alcohol rehab is as follows:An alcoholic or his family has to approach the rehab center which provides the service.
After doing the necessary paperwork, the admission to the course is confirmed and the rehab procedure starts.
In the first phase, a psychiatrist holds a closed meeting with the patient which includes the psychologists, the patient, one social worker and patient’s family. In this meeting, the patient’s family and the psychologist, help the patient to understand which problem he and his family are facing because of the alcoholism. They assure the patient that all of them love him and will always back him in his bad patches. This helps to build the confidence level. In some serious cases, even the help of a hypnotist is taken.
After this, the Liver Function Test commonly known as the LFT is performed. This helps to understand the current working ability of the kidneys as the alcohol dosages damage the kidney. The physician prescribes the medicinal dosage based on this report.
After this, a rehab expert approaches the patient and explains the basic concept and process flow of the alcohol rehab process.
Later the rehab experts including nurse and exercise experts take over the patient. The exercise expert demonstrates the exercise for being fit and sharp. He also gives some meditation tips which helps in the concentration. The nurse has to assure that the patient is taking appropriate medicines and is doing exercise and meditation practices without fail.
These practices are followed for around 6 months with some appropriate alterations in the medicinal dosages and exercises.
After the procedure is over, the patient is well trained in professional practices so as to start his professional life.

After all this procedure, the patient is declared to be fully rehabilitated.

This alcohol rehab process has proved to be a golden chance for many alcoholics. But one should always remember; “Prevention is better than cure”!

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