Southern Writer Pat Conroy is the Consummate Storyteller

by on June 7th, 2015
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Pat Conroy is the consummate storyteller. He brings events to life in a very vivid fashion. One would think that he is just gifted as a great storyteller, but after seeing him live at my Alma matter speaking you know he is a historian, a comedian, a fabulous novelist, and a storyteller rolled into one man. Pat was born in the south Atlanta circa 1945, lives in the south and loves the south. Most of the content of his novels bring the low country to life.

I highly recommend “The Pat Conroy Cookbook” if you have a love and passion for food. I purchased the book at his book signing in Atlanta. A gift for my husband the cook of our family. My dear husband decided that on one of our anniversaries a few years ago that he would pull out the book, put on an apron and make the ratatouille and shrimp and cheese grits for me. We opened a bottle of wine, cooked, read the stories to each other out loud and laughed all night. It is not so much a cookbook as it is a composition It was my favorite anniversary. Pat Conroy’s writing is the gift that keeps on giving. His most famous published works are as follows:

South of Broad

Beach Music

The Prince of Tides

The Lords of Discipline

The Great Santini

The Water is Wide

The Boo

My Losing Season

The Pat Conroy Cookbook

Pat was born in Atlanta in 1945, one of seven children to a harsh military father and a southern belle mother. His very upbringing in this military family is intertwined into each novel. Surely most of you are familiar with “The Prince Of Tides” his bestselling novel at the time. Which was optioned into a movie starring Barbara Streisand (Babs) and Nick Nolte. This book put him on the charts not only as a southern prolific writer but as an International Bestselling writer. If you like to read, I recommend that you pick up a copy of “The Water Is Wide” my personal favorite and start from there working your way through his fabulous works.

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